chibi / audio

I make electronic music under the name aethelflaed. My doings are collected here for your costless listening pleasure.



yearwise 800 is my first and, as of yet, only album. It is a shortish 23 minutes over 8 tracks, which at least means that if you don't like it, you haven't lost much time. Starting brightly and somewhat optimistically with the track today, the album soon shows its more relaxed and contemplative side. After a return to a more upbeat tempo and meticulously crafted percussion in the title track yearwise 800, we sink back into evening armchair mode in the final phase of the album with meandash and latefrith. Sit back, watch the moonrise out the window and reflect; this album is designed for night owls and wee-hours listening. But I won't tell you how to enjoy it. Find out for yourself.


aethelflaed, more properly æthelflæd, is pronounced athelflad, with the a in apple.

I make music using Ardour and Audacity.