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napalm in action

What is it?

napalm is an ASCII/ANSI painter. It allows you to select from different characters and colours, paint them on the canvas, export the canvas to a text file and much more!

Download and install

The only dependency is ncurses. You will need not just the library on your system (most likely already installed) but also the 'development' package (i.e. header files). For example, you need libncurses5-devel on Debian and ncurses-devel on OpenSUSE.

git clone napalm
cd napalm
sudo make install


The main source for help is the man page, which should be installed if you follow the instructions above. Type man napalm to view it.

There are also helptext files which come with the napalm distribution. See the doc/ directory in the napalm files.


napalm is licensed under GPLv3.